Webinar: Trade Surveillance

In this webinar, learn more about the practical challenges and solutions involved in upgrading your trade surveillance
to handle massive spikes in volume and volatility. 



OneTick Trade Surveillance

OneTick Surveillance allows some of the world’s leading exchanges, integrated banks, market makers and brokers to sail through market turbulence. OneTick has the most scalable surveillance solution and was recently selected by the largest US Exchange group to provide member and market surveillance.

OneTick also is the recent winner of the A-Team Innovation Award 2021 "Most Innovative Trade Surveillance Solutions.


Volume and Volatility
During 2020, market data rates increased, spiking from event driven volatility leading to higher message rates and storage requirements. The chart below plots October 2019 to December 2020 against the file size for level one U.S. equity markets. The peak increased nearly five times from the previous 90 day period.


These new levels of volatility require higher scalability and elasticity from Trade Surveillance systems. Instant scaling, dynamic and reliability are key requirements for a market center or high-volume market participant.

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  • Dermot Harris, SVP, Regulatory Solutions
  • Peter Simpson, Consultant

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