Markets in Financial Instruments Directive


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Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

MiFID II requires the storage of "every reportable event", which includes events related to all stages of an order's life cycle. OneTick comes with pre-defined data models for common financial data objects such as order book changes and levels. OneTick comes with a general storage model that is easily able to represent all stages in an order's life cycle, including, for example, unexecuted orders and order amends. OneTick is able to represent and store complex financial records of all types, and has the flexibility to handle changes to record formats over time without the need to re-normalize data. OneTick records can include unstructured data such as text and binary data strings. OneTick supports a rich modeling language and tools for data model design.

From real-time collection to elastic storage and compute, to sophisticated queries and query-building tools, to streaming analytics, to visual dashboard design tools, to advanced visualizations (e.g. dynamic grids, zoomable charts, and order-book heat maps), to finished MAR and MiFID II regulatory solutions, the OneTick platform solves the whole problem of high volume transactions data management, not just one slice of it.


  • MiFID II requires the use of 'compliance' storage, i.e. write once, read many or WORM storage
  • OneTick is already being used for regulatory records retention by a number of sophisticated clients, including an options exchange and the London office of a global bank which is using it now for MAR records retention
  • OneTick is expandable, featuring a massively scalable, fault-tolerant architecture. It also integrates with Hadoop and Apache Sparc and can be used in the Amazon AWS environment


  • OneTick databases can be searched using a highly flexible query language based on a graph paradigm that is much more powerful than the relational database model
  • OneTick is efficient for high volumes of data. It can process millions of records per second in a highly parallel manner, potentially load-balanced across multiple cores and database hosts
  • Covers the investment life cycle, including customizable pre-trade decision support, real-time monitoring for ‘held’ and ‘not held’ order flows, and historic analysis
  • OneTick databases support millisecond, microsecond, and nanosecond timestamp precision, and multiple timestamps per record
  • OneTick's query language makes it easy to manage and join data collected in multiple timezones with differing timestamp precisions


OneTick is time-series database that is tolerant of schema changes meaning there is no need to update the historical schema to adapt to a later change.

OneTick is capable of storing global market data for decades

We use OneTick databases to provide customers with access to global normalized market data, including full depth of book data, for some markets going back 25 years.


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