Market Data Research Environment




MDRE is a lightning-fast, easy-to-use and zero-installation platform for market data analysis and machine learning.

Designed exclusively for quants and data scientists who need to gain trading insights, test strategies, measure execution quality and easily create time-series machine learning models.

MDRE comes with tick-by-tick data from 200+ exchanges covering equities, futures, options, and crypto. Minute bars and official opening/closing prices are available as well. Corporate action adjustments and symbologies are handled seamlessly.

MDRE puts the full power of OneTick, the fastest tick analytics platform available, at your fingertips via a pandas-like Python API. You will hit the ground running with a library of runnable use cases  (see onetick-py Getting Started Guides) and will be amazed by the performance.


Feel confident that our team of DevOps engineers and tick management experts fine-tuned the environment for you, eliminating the need to worry about infrastructure, configuration or scalability. Simply enjoy the performance of the fastest tick management platform available from your IDEs or through a hosted JupyterHub and while programming in an API very similar to pandas.

MDRE's integrated machine learning platform makes data science with market data easy – learn more here.


framework for building ML pipelines that rely on market data

Cross validation

evaluation, prediction intervals for time-series forecasting

Scalable infrastructure

for model training and hyperparameter tuning

Feature engineering

from market data with a powerful pandas-like API

Unified interface

for creating models in machine learning frameworks including Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and XGBoost

Experiment tracking

and model comparison


machine learning


Model serving via REST API

MDRE's ML Platform architecture provides a secure isolated collaborative environment for your data scientists to create, refine, and compare models. The architecture is a unique combination of open-source (JupyterHub, Ray, MLFlow, Docker, Kubernetes, Airflow) and proprietary technologies (OneTick) designed to provide a streamlined environment for data science with market data.

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