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Built by Wall Street experts, the OneTick suite offers enterprise technology to address the most demanding requirements.

Proprietary traders, hedge funds and investment banks can leverage the built-in capabilities of OneTick for quantitative research, transaction cost analysis, surveillance and back-testing.  


OneTick Cloud, A Product Overview

Having a cleansed, normalized, and fully-managed tick data and analytics service based in the cloud can save your company time and money, allowing you to focus on your business strategy and value-adds. In this whitepaper, learn more about OneTick Cloud features, capabilities, and functionality.



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onetick-whitepaper OTC Overview

OneTick Whitepaper, A Technical Product Overview

In this whitepaper discover what makes OneTick tick. Reading this whitepaper you can attain a thorough understanding of time series data, the components of the OneTick product from data modeling to data capture to query building. The paper also includes information on common use cases, deployment scenarios and administration and management of OneTick installations.


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OneTick Regulatory Solutions Overview:

Trade Surveillance, Market Surveillance, Algo Monitoring, and MM Monitoring

Market surveillance demands sophisticated technologies for real-time alerting leveraging high-performance data management and analytics. This whitepaper showcases the features and benefits of the OneTick Market Surveillance service, a hosted solution created by OneMarketData to take on these issues.


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Global Equities and Derivatives Exchanges Coverage document includes the historical inception dates for each venue/MIC code, the precision of trade timestamps as provided by the exchange, the arrival timestamp precision as provided by the source, and Level 2 coverage.


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