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Your trusted technology and business partner

At OneMarketData, our goal is to become your trusted technology and business partner. Your ultimate satisfaction with OneTick software and services is our commitment to you.

To deliver on this commitment, we have developed an end-to-end family of proven service offerings across all phases of successful software implementation and deployment.

Unlock the potential of OneTick software

Throughout your relationship with OneMarketData, we contribute measurable value and help you make the most of your technology investment.

OneMarketData Professional Services packages are designed to provide our customers with technical resources and communication means to assist in faster implementation and integration of OneTick software across your organizations while maximizing our software benefits.


Skilled market data technology specialists

OneTick Professional Services is a global team of highly skilled market data technology specialists ready to help with all things OneTick.


Unlock and integrate
OneTick software potential

OneTick subject matter experts, API developers, and data analysts will help your team to unlock OneTick software potential and integrate OneTick system into your department or enterprise IT architecture.


Use case implementation
and assistance

Our Market Data specialists will help your team implement business use cases working closely with your business users and analysts.


Turn-key Multi-Service Assistance

Our Professional Services projects cover a wide range of tasks including but not limited to:

and Configuration

OneTick System installation and configuration

System Set Up
and Commissioning

Configuration of historical and real-time databases, feed handlers, data loading processes, and ETL

Implementation of
Custom API Solutions

Custom API development: feed handlers, batch loader, CEP data publishers, and custom analytics

Visual Design
and Development

Analytic Query and Visual Dashboard design and development

OneTick Ecosystem
Setup Advisory

Application Monitoring, Entitlements, Access Control, Authentication, Encryption, SSO

Assistance with Analytics
and Query API

Guidance on the OneTick Analytics and Query API

Dashboard Visualization

Assistance with OneTick Data Visualization Dashboards

Administrator and
User System Training

Training on system administration, query and API development, end user training, and more

Assistance Anytime,

On-Site or Remote, Part Time or Full Time, Hosted or Cloud Based

Delegate OneTick special tasks to
market data specialists and OneTick API developers

Managed Services

Delegate OneTick special tasks to market data specialists and OneTick API developers

Manage the installation of OneTick server upgrades.

Set up and maintain Customer data collection and loading of databases.

Manage OneTick configuration in all environments.

Conduct daily monitoring and checks of archive and memory database loading using the monitoring scripts.

Troubleshoot and create reproducible cases in the event issues need to be reported to OneTick engineering.

Avoid redundancy with your deployment setup.

Advise and assist with entitlements setup.

Set up system resources and Tick Server usage collection.

Set up referential data loading

Get help accessing and analyzing
market and transactional data

Database delivery tracking web dashboard

Managed services use the monitoring web dashboard for tracking the alert and DB delivery process.

The DBs delivery tracking dashboard provides the current status of the daily archive loading and may be shared with the customer and end users.

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