Webinar: OneTick Point-in-Time TCA API

In this webinar you will learn how constantly changing market conditions demand comprehensive and up-to-date TCA data, and how OneTick Cloud’s “Point in Time TCA API” will help you with these new challenges.



OneTick Point-in-Time TCA API

When markets are strong,TCA is sometimes neglected, but now, in more uncertain times, is the time to look at costs and assess your execution strategies. Our speakers have over 60 years of combined experience in financial markets and have broad understanding of the complexities of market data needed for successful and consistent TCA calculations

What You Will Learn:
  • Latest Updates to OneTick's TCA API and OneTick Cloud
  • Best Practices for Building your TCA applications
  • How to Accelerate your TCA applications
  • Use Cases from the Field
Technical Demo - Here are a ways that our Point In Time API can expedite your project:
  • Point in Time API allows you to identify the adjusted and unadjusted quotes and trades within a nanosecond interval, eliminating the need to store all trades and quotes.
  • Cloud access to over 200 venues for all trade and quotes, supporting all venue trade and auction conditions.
    Composite Trades and Quotes for all EU and Asia markets, where over 30 venues are aggregated to provide attributed quote and trade details for each interval.
  • Current and Historical Symbol Mapping and Cross Reference from CUSIP, SEDOL, ISIN, FIGI, Exchange ticker and vendor symbologies.
  • Raw ticks – data you need at the finest level.

After you have viewed the webinar please reach out to us with any questions or request a demo.

  • Louis Lovas, Director of Solutions
  • Jeff Banker, SVP, Market Development

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