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Point in Time, Time Series API


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The OneTick TCA API is designed to allow you to step back to any moment in time and extract the data you need for TCA analysis across multiple markets and with the knowledge that you are accessing clean data.

You could hire a team and spend months building out a bespoke system to deliver clean TCA data, only to find yourself needing to adjust your system to changing market conditions. In times of exploding volumes and volatility, in-house systems may not all be able to scale, we can help with the OneTick TCA API.

To help you achieve optimal efficacy and efficiency for MDAAS in these times of heightened volatility we offer both high flexibility in functionality and personalization in customer service.

Powerful benefits

  • Customization capabilities – Query tool, tailored client service.
  • Value for Cost  – Flexible price points and use cases support easy POC.
  • Scalability - Emphasis on variable cost structure means low fixed investment required, and thus a lower-entry barrier than others.
  • Proof of Concept – Easily implemented and fully supported
  • Budget Friendly – Outsource your bespoke TCA analysis at a cost far below in house development and with more functionality than others


  • Global Coverage – 200 markets globally, North America, UK, Japan, Hong Kong and more
  • Clean Data – Our specialists figure out all the nuances of historical data, such as times of day for auctions vs. regular trading hours
  • Corporation Actions – Gain access to full corporation action data 

How will WE support you?

  • Set-up and implementation – data filtering, custom volatility metrics, latency, and optimization.
  • Best practices  – TCA and analytics.


  • Python Package – We have built this with an API Python package to ease the integration into your existing Python applications




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Built on top of ONETICK Cloud the ONETICK TCA API offers clean data at scale on a system relied upon by many leading firms.


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