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The past year has seen extraordinary conditions for both OneTick and the overall market. Volatility tested economies worldwide, while escalating market volumes pushed capacity for many businesses. 2022 was marked by the need for constant adaptation - to dynamic risks, regulatory requirements, geopolitical events, cyber security, global inflation, and the new realities of cryptocurrency markets. We’re proud that even amidst the turmoil of the past year, OneTick customers continued to sail through turbulence by relying on our platform, products and services.

For the OneTick team, the past year was a period of substantial technical progress and customer success as we continuously prioritized the rapidly evolving and unique needs of our customers. We worked diligently to expand our range of products and services, all with the goal of serving as your long-term partner.

Accelerating Momentum into 2023


Today, OneTick works with more than 150 customers who rely on our solutions and services to deliver value across all asset classes. While we grew existing business with long-standing customers, we also welcomed a substantial number of new clients to our OneTick platform.

New Clients

In 2022 we undertook projects for customers including a large UK regulator, a regulator in South America, several multi-trillion dollar asset managers, and numerous hedge funds - ranging from small funds all the way to some of the largest hedge funds in the world with 100B+ AUM. In addition, we counted new client wins across commodity trading firms, Canadian pension plans, FX firms, and major banks in Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland (buy-side), and France.

Examples of New Clients and Projects for Existing Clients

Our work enabled clients to meet their most challenging data and analytics requirements. We helped a trillion-dollar asset manager migrate a large-scale real-time analytics system from on-premise to AWS. Additional projects include significantly expanding data and analytics for several hedge funds and asset managers. In Trade Surveillance we delivered powerful capabilities handling 500B+ messages per day for a leading exchange in North America, plus solutions for a Swedish bank, a major Swiss bank, a 50B+ hedge fund, and a Belgian bank to name but a few. 

This is just a summary of the value we delivered to clients, both new and existing in 2022. To learn more please contact us for more details.

Product Updates


OneTick Academy

In 2022, we worked to deliver a new level of customer experience and educational support, empowering our clients to seamlessly manage their data and regulatory needs. We launched OneTick Academy: a holistic online learning resource that makes OneTick functionality easy to use, easy to find and easy to understand. OneTick Academy’s user-friendly interface leads clients to a library of extensive training resources, including a wide array of courses, advanced learning streams, multiple certification options, over 100+ short How to Videos, plus OneTick release notes.


OneTick facilitates powerful analytics using crypto tick data for crypto exchanges and firms. This crypto tick data is aggregated by venue and token, containing trades, quotes, order book snapshots, and bar intervals. Our crypto market solutions include: 

OneTick Crypto Trade Surveillance: our fully packaged solution can be deployed in-house or offered as a hosted subscription fully managed by OneTick. With predefined out of the box real time/ intraday alerts through visual dashboards, T+1 reports, and a robust case management system, OneTick clients stay up to date with regulatory requirements and sail through market turbulence. 

OneTick Crypto TCA/BestEx: a full suite of dashboard-based and report-based analytics suitable for execution committee reports, reporting to customers, evaluating liquidity providers, evaluating algos, etc.

OneTick Crypto Research Environment: access market data and perform quant research using a pandas-like API backed by a powerful OneTick tick management engine, offered in hosted Jupyter notebooks or as an API.

Machine Learning

OneTick's pandas-like market data API and Data Science framework makes working with market data a breeze. The OneTick MLOps architecture is scalable, parallelizable and extremely performant, providing experiment tracking using MLFlow, scalable model training using Ray + Kubernetes and model serving using Airflow. 

Our new MLOps / Python API allows users to create features from tick-by-tick market data, review the library of runnable examples and use cases, serve the best model to QA, UAT, PROD, use complete documentation with runnable examples, make use of scalable infrastructure, track experiments, and more.

With OneTick MLOps you can go from your idea, to training an ML model on market data, to experiments, to a production-ready model in just a few days. OneTick MLOps is powered by OneTick, and efficiently processes tick data to create features, open-source technologies for scalable model training, experiment tracking and model serving. This also includes a special-purpose data science library for machine learning with market data.

Market Data Research Environment (MDRE) 

OneTick’s MDRE is a one-stop shop for quant research, TCA, and ML. It includes tick-by-tick market data from 200+ exchanges, pandas-like API for high performance tick analytics, and a library of runnable use cases. Check out the quick start guide at

Technical Product Updates

Over the past year, the OneTick team has been focused on how to improve performance and ease of use for our clients in how they consume analytics, write analytics, and administer their OneTick deployment. The latest release covers:

  • APIs, especially REST, Python and ODBC/JDBC
  • A new Machine Learning (ML) integration
  • Superior data collection, notably for Kafka & AMQP (RabbitMQ)
  • Improved analytics, including those related to Book Processing and Crypto trading analytics
  • Enhanced visualization to support surveillance and monitoring displays

Data Updates

OneMarketData collects, aggregates and maintains accurate Global Exchange Time-Series data from over 200 exchanges using multi-sourced, direct and aggregated feeds to enable the highest level of accuracy and precision for time-series analytics. This information is critical to maintaining a high-quality database for trading, analytics and compliance. In 2022, we enhanced our data on-demand and data services with:

  • Releasing One Minute pre calculated bar databases for all our Global Equity Sources
  • Enhancing our Global Futures database to include a broader set of less active Contracts
  • Improving T+1 Availability for OneTickCloud data sets

With OneTick Market Data, we eliminate the need for local hardware, data collection, and data maintenance. This allows you to focus on application development by relying on a trusted source of time series data and analytics. Click here to learn more.

OneTick hosted several webinars this year. If you’re looking to get up-to-date with the latest research, technology, and industry trends, the OneTick webinars are the place to start. Here are a couple from last year (the full list is here):

Machine Learning and Analytics

Including an overview of machine learning use cases, this webinar reviews our pandas-like API, which makes working with market data a breeze while also being scalable, parallelizable, and extremely performant. We examine the MLOps architecture that provides experiment tracking, scalable model training, and model serving, and additionally describe our data science framework for working with market data. 

Best Practices for Analytics in Crypto Markets

Matt Hougan, CIO of Bitwise joins OneTick’s Peter Simpson and Phillip Perrault to explore the latest developments in the crypto markets and how to use OneTick to load and run analytics on crypto market data. 

Point-in-Time TCA API

Constantly changing market conditions demand comprehensive and up-to-date TCA data. We explore how OneTick Cloud’s “Point-in-Time TCA API” will help you with these new challenges.

Technical Product Update

Designed for both existing customers and those interested in deploying tick analytics at scale for trading and surveillance analytics, OneTick's Peter Simpson reviews release 1.23 of the OneTick Platform and how to access release notes and training videos through our new OneTick Academy resource

Company Updates

Growth & Recruiting

OneTick grew substantially in 2022 to well over 200 employees. With five internal recruiters, we are continuously hiring globally! Referrals are very welcome. Check out our open positions here:

This year we welcomed Peter Simpson as OneTick Product Owner. Peter brings more than 25 years of extensive capital markets experience to drive the OneTick product roadmap. Peter also contributes training materials for OneTick Academy.

Brenda Gill was promoted to Chief Compliance Officer. In her role as CCO, she designs strategies and programs for compliance with data privacy regulations. This includes GDPR and other relevant compliance regimes applicable to OMD’s business.

OneTick in Commercial Cloud Setups

Much time and effort has been invested to simplify and automate OneTick’s new implementations, with lift & shift deployments to commercial cloud infrastructure including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP. Stay tuned in 2023 for updates on the containerization and scalable cloud deployments. 

Professional Services

Interest in our professional services continues to grow. Check out our latest offerings and get in touch to secure a OneTick SME for 2023.

Market Drivers for OneTick

Every year OneTick conducts research exploring customer needs and trends. In our latest poll conducted at the end of 2022, customers reported market volatility, market volume (computing capacity) and risk management as their biggest challenges – and turned to OneTick for solutions.

Poll: What were the biggest challenges of 2022?

Ranked from most to least challenging (7-1). 

Customer Feedback - Challenges of 2022

We are proud of the ongoing innovation and superior customer service we have been able to deliver through these turbulent times. We know that our success is due to our loyal OneTick customers – and our dedicated OneTick team who work diligently to maintain our incredibly high client retention rate and customer satisfaction scores. We look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2023.

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