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The past year has seen extraordinary market conditions. Volatile markets tested economies worldwide, while market volumes pushed the capacities of many businesses. It also brought with it the need for constant adaptation - to ever changing risks, regulatory requirements, and the new realities of cryptocurrency markets, cyber security, and global inflation. 

Despite these challenges, the past year was a period of substantial technical progress and customer success for the OneTick team. Prioritizing the ever-changing, expanding, and unique needs of our customers kept the company very busy. We worked diligently to expand our range of products and services, all with the goal of serving as your long-term partner.

Building Momentum into 2022


In 2021, we booked a substantial number of new clients subscribing to our OneTick platform while also expanding existing business with long-standing customers. A growing number of firms selected OneTick to avoid the costs of building out their own market data platforms.

Our new clients are from the US, UK, Central Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America and represent a range of firms from sell-side, asset managers, and proprietary trading firms, to vendors and marketplaces. 

We expanded significantly across all categories: the OneTick platform, Market Data and Regulatory Solutions (e.g. Surveillance, TCA/BestEx), and in our managed services. With these developments, we achieved strong expansion in top buy-side firms with new banks, and also signed a regulator for surveillance.

OneTick works with 130+ customers using our solutions, hundreds of whom also use OneTick tick data solutions. These customers represent all types of firms in capital markets across all asset classes. Companies include ECNs and Exchanges, Global Banks, Global Fund Managers, High Frequency Firms, Regulators, Regional Banks, Pension Funds, Market Makers, Market Data Vendors, Trading Software Vendors, Hedge Funds, and Universities and Research Centers.

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 10.19.52 AM

We were delighted to be recognized by A-Team in Trading Tech Insight Europe Awards 2021 for the Best Tick Data Management Platform. It is always an honor to be recognized.

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OneTick was also recognized at the A-Team Innovation Awards in 2021 for the Most Innovative Trade Surveillance Solution.

Public customer announcements:

Many thanks to Google and Waters Technology for your additional public support.

OneTick hosted several webinars this year. If you’re looking to get up-to-date with the latest research, technology, and industry trends, the OneTick webinars are the place to start. Here are a couple from last year (the full list is here):

Upgrade Your Trade Surveillance to Handle Complex Regulatory Regimes

In this webinar, Dermot Harris highlights both the practical challenges and cutting-edge OneTick solutions involved in upgrading your trade surveillance to handle complex regulatory regimes and massive spikes in volume and volatility. 

Speaker: Dermot Harris, SVP, Regulatory Solutions

OneTick Today 

In this webinar, the OneTick team provides an update on the company, customers, and platform. The broadcast includes demonstrations of pre-built solutions, and examples of how to rapidly build applications and connect the wide range of data sources available from OneMarketData.


  • Dermot Harris, SVP Regulatory Solutions
  • Maria Belianina, SVP, Client Services
  • Peter Simpson, Consultant
  • Victor Naroditskiy, Regulatory Solutions Development

Video Snippets

If you don't have the time to watch a full webinar, we have extracted key video segments from each one. Check out our Videos page to browse video snippets from recent OneTick webinars.


Quarterly Tech Updates

For our customers, OneTick provides quarterly update webinars on the ever-changing technological advancements and upgrades from the OneMarketData Development Team. If any customers would like to view this please let us know and we will send you a link.

Speaker: Peter Simpson, Consultant

Product Milestones

We added many technical enhancements with the intent of increasing performance, connectivity, and stability in 2021. This makes it easier for our customers to:

  • Pull data into OneTick (Kafka, AMQP, Market Data Providers)
  • Write logic (time shifting, matrices, book analytics)
  • Write analytics (in Python, visually in the Query Designer, or swap between the two)
  • Scale analytics (faster execution, elastic scaling, stream processing (CEP)
  • Access analytics from outside OneTick (Python, REST, SQL, Tableau, Grafana)

We improved the performance of our OneTick Query Designer in data exploration capabilities, query building, and profiling. For the lovers of the OneTick Dashboard, we have also improved the Time Series Displays, the Real-Time Dashboard, and Visual Analysis with additional grids, heat matrices, graphs, filtering, and editing. Additionally, at the request of customers, we have expanded our collectors and loaders to include message buses including Kafka and AMQP, message formats, OMS, parallel loading, and more market data vendors. We truly had a busy year, and are very proud of our engineering accomplishments.

Market Drivers for OneTick

We like to conduct research into customer trends and needs. In our latest poll conducted at the end of 2021, market volatility, market volume (computing capacity), and risk management were shown to be the biggest challenges for our customers, which matches with our first hand customer experiences.

Poll: What were the biggest challenges of 2021?

Ranked from most to least challenging (7-1). 

Customer Feedback - Challenges of 2021

Even with these continued challenges, OneTick has been able to meet the needs of our customer base and grow through these turbulent times. According to feedback surveys, the overwhelming majority of our customers reported they were satisfied with OneTick products in 2021. OneTick products helped our customers to overcome the challenges of 2021.

Product Enhancements

OneMarketData has worked to expand and enhance its offerings, including for on-demand and Cloud. Here are some of the 2021 highlights that the OMD team is proud to share:

Our customers include some of the largest traders in the word, and the world's largest market center group. With a massive and ever-growing volume of data, we have worked to make the OneTick offering scalable for the largest firms.

Customers can add alert types using two quant-friendly, high-level paradigms to create customizable metrics and/or filters.

Includes an extensive library of out-of-the-box alert types covering multiple regulatory regimes.

Includes case-management, trader and client profiling, development tools, Cloud integration, data collection, and more.

The largest collection of out-of-the-box integrations and integration frameworks for easy implementation.

Customers can use a sandbox to tune and create alert types. Customers can also enjoy advanced visualizations combined with one-click resolution, and an intuitive and interactive dashboard for drilling down into executions.

Usage reporting metrics were added as well as the ability to configure and generate automated CSV or PDF reports that can be white-labeled reports to share with customers.

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