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OneTick 1.19 introduces support for distributed loading on public (AWS and GCP, with Azure support coming later) or private server clusters. We are also offering elastic computing on AWS in 1.19.


Performance and User Experience

Our new release improves performance and enhances user experience with Query Designer, Python Query API and OneTick Dashboards:


New Features

OneTick 1.19 introduces new features requested by our customers:

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Elastic Compute Clusters with OneTick 1.19

OneTick Senior PreSales Engineer Phil Perrault shows how he set up Elastic Compute clusters on AWS using with OneTick 1.19. The setup allows to efficiently execute resource-heavy queries by scaling out to the new compute instances within the predefined parameters.

Instances run OneTick that connects to a license server and queries could be sent to the cluster from the local workstation ad hoc or from a scheduler, such as cron.


Apache Parquet Support in OneTick 1.19

OneTick Head of Client Services Kirill Karpelson talks about creating OneTick archives in Parquet format, making them readable to external tools.