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2020 was a time of extraordinarily challenging health, economic and market conditions. The volatility of the market reached new highs, driven by uncertainty from the pandemic and the U.S. election. 

Despite all of these challenges, 2020 was a period of substantial technical progress and customer success for the OneTick team. Prioritizing the ever-changing, growing, and unique customer needs kept our company very busy. We worked diligently to expand our range of products and services with the goal of serving as your long-term partner.

Looking forward to the rest of 2021!

New Customers

In 2020 we booked a record number of new clients subscribing to our OneTick platform and expanded business with many long standing customers. From the US to the UK, Central Europe, Australia, China and Japan we added new clients. Business came from both sell-side and buy-side firms, with a growing number of quant and prop trading firms selecting OneTick to avoid the costs of building out their own market data platforms. 

New customers included a member of the FAANG group, one of the world’s largest commodity firms, several sovereign wealth funds, one of the oldest asset managers in the world, a leading Information provider, one of the largest asset managers, large Canadian banks, several prop trading firms in Australia, a substantial deal with one of the largest U.S. high frequency trading firms and one of the largest equity exchanges. While many of these cannot be publicly disclosed, we had several customers announce their selection publicly. 

Company Awards and News

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 10.19.52 AM

We were delighted to be recognized by A-Team in Trading Tech Insight Europe Awards 2021 for the Best Tick Data Management Platform. It is always an honor to be recognized.

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 10.20.15 AM

OneTick was also recognized at the A-Team Innovation Awards in 2021 for the Most Innovative Trade Surveillance Solution.

TradingTech Insight Awards 2020 USA

Last, but not least, we were delighted to be recognized by A-Team in Trade Tech Insight USA Awards 2020 for the Best Transaction Cost Analysis Tool.  We also had several product and public customer announcements this past year:

OneMarketData Launches European Composite Trade and Quote (ECTQ) Database to Support Specific Demands of Transaction Cost Analysis

Independent Trading Group (ITG) Selects OneTick Trade Surveillance

OneTick Surveillance Service selected by Institutional Brokerage Novum Securities

It is always great for employees and existing customers to see customer announcements, so thank you to ITG and Novum for your additional public support.

Product Milestones

We had added many technical enhancements with the intent of increasing performance, connectivity and stability in 2020. Of particular note are newly added supports for usage-based licensing, integrations with Solace, and multicast collectors for OPRA, CTA and UTP. OneTick's team responded to the demonstrated need of customers searching for the unique and useful functionality of an HTTP output adapter for Grafana for observability dashboards. We also received high interest in the Kafka collector which supports both XML and JSON formats. Finally, in security, we updated all of OneTick Window binaries with signed security certificates. We truly had a busy year, and I am proud of our engineering accomplishments.

Market Drivers for OneTick

Market data rates increased significantly in 2020, spiking from event driven volatility leading to higher message rates and storage requirements. The chart below plots October 2019 to December 2020 against the file size for level one U.S. equity markets. The peak increased nearly five times from the previous 90-day period.


These new levels of volatility require higher scalability and elasticity from Data as a Service providers. It’s therefore no surprise that we saw increased interest in our flexible cloud licensing and usage-based pricing model.

In a poll conducted during our Transitioning to the Cloud Webinar, scalability and elasticity were shown to be the most common reason why companies are considering a transition to the Cloud, which matches our first hand customer experiences. Learn more about the poll results and their implications from our most recent webinar.

What are the main reasons you’re considering a transition to the Cloud?

What are the main reasons you’re considering a transition to the Cloud?


Product Enhancements

OneMarketData has worked to expand and enhance its offerings, including for on-demand and Cloud. Here are some of the 2020 highlights that the OMD team is proud to share:

Our customers include some of the largest traders in the word, and the world's largest market center group. With a massive and ever-growing volume of data, we have worked to make the OneTick offering scalable for the largest firms.

Customers can add alert types using two quant-friendly, high-level paradigms to create customizable metrics and/or filters.

Includes an extensive library of out-of-the-box alert types covering multiple regulatory regimes.

Includes case-management, trader and client profiling, development tools, Cloud integration, data collection, and more.

The largest collection of out-of-the-box integrations and integration frameworks for easy implementation.

Customers can use a sandbox to tune and create alert types. They also enjoy advanced visualizations combined with one-click resolution, and an intuitive and interactive dashboard for drilling down into executions.

Usage reporting metrics were added as well as the ability to configure and generate automated CSV or PDF reports that can be white-labeled reports to share with customers.

New Products and Services

- Launch of Real Time OneTick Cloud platform for US Equities and Futures

- Expansion of Data Content including trading venues.

- Full coverage of global equities and futures. Benchmarks against NBBO or EBBO. US options and FX also available.

Expanded Availability

- Transition Services from Co-Location to AWS

- Development of Entitlement Management Portal

2020 Webinars

OneTick hosted multiple webinars this year and is excited to further knowledge and research as a financial technology industry leader. If you’re looking to get up-to-date with the latest research, technology, and industry trends, the OneTick webinars are the place to start. Here is a sample from 2020:



  • Kafka Collector (supporting both XML and JSON formats) with Apache Avro,  Google Protobuf and SBE data reader implementation.
  • OneTick integration with Solace
  • OneTick now comes with the HTTP output adapter for Grafana
  • OneTick introduced a data loader for JSON
  • Support for usage-based licensing
  • Support for multicast collectors for OPRA, CTA and UTP data
  • All OneTick Windows binaries are now signed with a security certificate
  • Online training platform, OneTick Academy, soon to become available for all customers


  • Data loading over Web API 
  • OneTick Dashboards added Heatmap, Sound and Web Browser widgets
  • Support for Azure OpenID authentication 
  • Support for pico-second timestamp granularity
  • Improved performance of OneTick ODBC driver
  • Added support for Python 3.8


  • Optimized the PRESORT EP to spread work more evenly across multiple threads in CEP queries
  • Stability improvement: tick server can use child processes, rather than threads, to handle queries arriving from client apps
  • Rawdb CEP adapter supports multi-threading
  • CEP adapter supports delaying ticks (to implement delayed CEP data) 
  • CEP adapter supports an out-of-order tick-handling policy
  • Tick server can execute initialization queries upon start-up
  • Support for comma-separated archive locations to improve archive data maintenance
  • Added support of relative time ranges for db start/end times in the locator (-10D, -6M, -2Y)


  • An automatic way to add common query properties to each executed query (for example, for the EMRS authentication)
  • Added _TICK_TYPE and _DBNAME pseudo-fields to be used in the query language expressions
  • Added support for forward time shifts and forward indexed tick lookups in PER_TICK_SCRIPT EP
  • Added WRITE_TO_SMTP EP for sending out email alerts
  • Added support for Cox-Ross-Rubinstein option pricing model to the OPTION_PRICE EP
  • Added SHOW_OT_ENTITLEMENTS EP for easier maintenance
  • Added START_QUERY_ON_SERVER EP for remote query execution
  • MULTI_PORTOLIO_PRICE and PORTFOLIO_PRICE EPs support input time series that provide FX data


  • Support Donut view as an option in Pie Chart
  • Added support for the animated images
  • Support charts with two panes with synchronized X axis
  • Persist value of an input widget (dropdown, etc) in a dashboard user profile
  • Support user color profiles for charts and grids
  • Add permissions for access to individual dashboards to ACL
  • Reconnect after websocket disconnect without reloading the web dashboard


  • Add support for TLS 1.3 security protocol for the communication between tick server and client
  • All communications between client and tick server can be encrypted
  • Need to add support for multiple tenants in Azure Active Directory OpenID authentication
  • Tick server supports both HTTPS and HTTP protocols
  • Tick server can prioritize queries based on the user or role
  • Access control applies to CEP queries


  • Added per-node memory consumption report in Profiler in the Query Designer
  • Python functions generated by otq_to_py_converter.exe should accept OTQ parameters (with default values) as their arguments
  • Added support for multi-threading to XML daily loader
  • Added support of multi-threading to the otq_query_loader_daily.exe when loading into the accelerator db
  • Added support for CME/EBS FIX collection
  • RDS to collect host resource usage statistics
  • Reference data can be provided via user-supplied query
  • Machine Learning EPs are supported in CEP mode
  • Added ability to call SQL query using cursor interface to all languages
  • Support file URLs in READ_FROM_PARQUET EP
  • OneTick AM: Add ability to configure Storage through AM Manager API
  • OneTick AM: Implement API for client-side use

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