Java developer
(senior level)


About OneTick

OneMarketData LLC (‘OMD’) is a US company with a global customer base and globally distributed remote workforce. We’re best known for ‘OneTick’, the world’s most powerful tick analytics platform. We’re also a major supplier of market data for research and trading, and our regulatory products are used by the world’s largest exchange group, the world’s largest market-maker, the world’s largest options trader, and by regulators, banks, and brokerage firms around the world. We’re an agile company with a staff of 200, strongly oriented toward software engineering and DevOps. We use a modern Cloud-based technology stack. See for more information.


OneMarketData is continuously searching for bright talent with the skills to make an impact. From developers to data scientists, at OneTick you will have the opportunity to develop and enhance your problem solving skills using a combination of analytics, imagination, and talent. 

Currently, we are looking for a Senior Java developer to join our TickData team

TickData has been a leading provider of global historical intraday stock, futures, options and forex market data for 30 years. Our clients are world’s largest and most successful investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, traders, and academic institutions. They rely on our data to back-test trading strategies, develop risk and execution models, perform post-trade analysis, and conduct important academic research.

Our goal is to provide market data of the highest quality to our clients. To make it possible we have developed an AWS located ecosystem consisting of client and server side applications for delivery, management and quality assurance of data, as well as the online store that lets the customers buy data in a few clicks. As a Senior Java Developer you will help us to further improve our application and technology stack, develop new and existing applications, and help with the architecture design.

Our Stack

  • Java 8, Spring(Core, Boot, MVC), Intellij Idea
  • MySQL, MongoDB, H2
  • Gradle and Gitlab
  • All infrastructure is in AWS

Team and Processes

  • 2 Java developers, management, data analyst, DevOps engineer
  • We are using Jira & Confluence, processes are based on the Agile approach

Job Responsibilities

  • Writing maintainable and reliable code in Java
  • Participating in architectural design, generating ideas for current architecture improvements
  • Conducting code reviews
  • Refactoring existing code
  • Writing technical documentation and keeping it up to date

Required Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience in developing enterprise applications using Java, Spring, Hibernate
  • Knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases(schema design, DML, query optimization), understanding of how ORMs work
  • Experience with architectural design, good decomposition skills
  • Knowledge of modern microservice architecture patterns
  • English Upper Intermediate is a must

Desirable Qualifications

  • Graduate-level knowledge of the computer science fundamentals is highly desirable
  • Experience with architectural design, good decomposition skills
  • Knowledge of modern microservice architecture patterns
  • Previous experience in monolithic architecture decomposition is a good bonus
  • English Upper Intermediate is a must


All positions to be filled in US, Canada or EEA countries, all full-time employee or full time contractor, all ‘remote work’.  Depending on the country of residency, we may, at our discretion, employ you as a contractor directly attached to OneMarketData LLC, or by way of an ‘Employer of Record’ / ‘Agent of Record’ that has an office in the country.  We are willing to pay for co-working space when we believe it is appropriate.  All positions will require a background check, signed NDA, signed contract, signed GDPR processor passthrough agreement (since we act as a data processor under GDPR).  Salaries will be commensurate with experience, education, skillset, and local norms.


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