DevOps Engineer
(Solutions and Cloud teams)


About OneTick

OneMarketData LLC (‘OMD’) is a US company with a global customer base and globally distributed remote workforce. We’re best known for ‘OneTick’, the world’s most powerful time series database and analytics engine dedicated to financial applications. We’re also a major supplier of market data for research and trading, and our regulatory products are used by the world’s largest exchange group, the world’s largest market-maker, the world’s largest options trader, and by regulators, banks, and brokerage firms around the world.  We’re an agile company with a staff of 200, strongly oriented toward software engineering and DevOps. We use a modern Cloud-based technology stack.  See for more information.


Here is where our DevOps team helps. Our team of eight DevOps engineers develops the infrastructure behind the hosted solutions and our software and data delivery lifecycle. We work with AWS and its data centers around the world, and also with services in Google Cloud. We run our operations using a modern stack that includes Airflow for scheduling, Kubernetes for orchestration, state-of-the-art time-series database technology, autoscaled capacity management, advanced security and monitoring solutions, and of course a robust CI/CD process. Our DevOps team also helps package our scalable products for installation in customer environments.

We are looking for mid-level and senior level colleagues to help us to build and deploy these state-of-the-art solutions, and to help ensure the security of our company’s platforms and our customers.

Our stack: 

  • AWS (some of the services we use are: EKS, KMS, EFS, EC2, SGW, ASG, ALB, NLB, etc.); 
  • OneTick (time-series database engine, which is specific to the financial area);
  • Docker and Kubernetes for orchestration, Airflow for scheduling
  • Terraform, Ansible, GitLab (our DevOps group is helping us to embed CI/CD approach); 
  • Python 3 and Perl (Perl is related to the legacy part of the project, which will be gradually moved to Python);
  • Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Sentry and other tools for monitoring and alerting
  • We use Slack, Jira, and Confluence for coordination, and processes are based on the Scrum / scrumban approaches. 

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Working with AWS and managed Kubernetes
  • Implementation and improvement of CI/CD pipeline for our environments. 
  • Improving logging and monitoring systems for the existing infrastructure and services. 
  • Setting up cloud environments for new Cloud Customers using OneTick and Terraform
  • Automation of Cloud processes using Terraform and Ansible
  • Improving Security (VPN, AD, passwords, web-services, AWS)
  • Improving monitoring and logs management
  • Helping with troubleshooting in case of AWS related issues. 
  • AWS costs analysis and performance design / tuning.

Technical requirements: 

  • Experience more than 2 years. 
  • Linux experience (Tomcat, NGINX, Apache Web server, etc.).
  • Experience with general resources of AWS or other major Cloud platforms.
  • CI/CD (GitLab, Jenkins). 
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience of working with network tools and understanding of protocols. 
  • Experience with Python and Bash scripting is a plus.
  • Experience with logging and monitoring tools is a plus. 

General requirements: 

  • English - Upper-Intermediate or higher. 
  • Good communicative skills, being able to explain difficult things in simple words. 
  • Being eager to learn new technologies (including area-specific). 
  • Attentiveness, hard-working and goal-oriented mindset (to have the tasks done), opportunity to work both in team and independently. 


All positions to be filled in US, Canada or EEA countries, all full-time employee or full time contractor, all ‘remote work’.  Depending on the country of residency, we may, at our discretion, employ you as a contractor directly attached to OneMarketData LLC, or by way of an ‘Employer of Record’ / ‘Agent of Record’ that has an office in the country.  We are willing to pay for co-working space when we believe it is appropriate.  All positions will require a background check, signed NDA, signed contract, signed GDPR processor pass-through agreement (since we act as a data processor under GDPR).  Salaries will be commensurate with experience, education, skill set, and local norms.


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