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OneTick Market Surveillance: A Compliance and Surveillance Solution for Regulated Entities

Market surveillance demands sophisticated technologies for real-time alerting leveraging high-performance data management and analytics. This whitepaper showcases the features and benefits of the OneTick Market Surveillance service, a hosted solution created by OneMarketData to take on these issues.


Meeting the Technology Challenge in the Rise of Transaction Cost Analysis

While high-speed algorithmic trading has been grabbing the headlines there has been another technology evolution occurring, one that leverages the same state-of-the-art, high-speed computer and software technologies. As a corollary to high frequency trader’s low-latency objectives, asset managers and institutional investors are focused on overall trade performance. This has pushed best execution beyond price to an overall understanding and management of trade performance and opportunity costs. This piece by OneMarketData's Louis Lovas explores the role of data management in transaction cost analysis, the analytical advantage of these technologies, and the value of visualization.


Financial Industry Survey Reveals TCA, Model Testing and Quant Research are Cloud-Ready

OneMarketData asked financial market participants from the buy side and sell side, as well as financial experts from academia, about their current and planned use of cloud technology and services for trading and investment decisions. Download the report to see what participants are saying.


Industry Survey on Social Media: Is Social Media a Disruptive Force in Financial Markets?

The Associated Press Twitter hack has caused the financial industry to sit-up and take notice. Do social media information outlets have an impact of market prices? If so, how pervasive is it? OneMarketData has conducted an industry-wide survey to better understand the use and impact of social media information such as Twitter and Facebook. How do market participants see social media content impacting the trading and investment decision process? Are there any trends to indicate this will be a disruptive force in the future of financial markets? Download the survey report, conducted across all global financial centers, to see what participants are saying.


OneTick Whitepaper, A Technical Product Overview

In this whitepaper discover what makes OneTick tick. Reading this whitepaper you can attain a thorough understanding of time series data, the components of the OneTick product from data modeling to data capture to query building. The paper also includes information on common use cases, deployment scenarios and administration and management of OneTick installations.


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OneMarketData is a leading provider of software and data for the financial industry. Our flagship product, OneTick is a comprehensive suite for time-series data management and real-time analytical event processing. Proprietary traders, hedge funds and investment banks can leverage the built-in capabilities of OneTick for quantitative research, transaction cost analysis, surveillance and back-testing.   Built by Wall Street experts, the OneTick suite offers enterprise technology to address the most demanding requirements…