One Tick Cep

One solution to integrate the analysis of real-time streaming and historical market data

To ensure strategies will perform in today's markets, users need the ability to test strategies on historical and real-time data. That is why many analysts turn to Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines, which enable them to filter, correlate and aggregate real-time event data in a low latency environment. When combined with a historical database and data management solution, CEP engines help users test strategies on historical and real-time data - empowering them to determine whether their strategies will perform as predicted once deployed.

Yet developing an integrated system for capturing and analyzing historical and real-time data can be costly and time-consuming as most database and CEP solutions are not built with each other in mind. These disparate systems often require expensive integration projects, which rarely produce a seamless data management solution.

That is why OneMarketData has developed OneTick CEP, a data management solution that combines the robust analytics of OneTick with the capability to run real-time streaming market data. Built from inception as a data management system, analytical research platform and CEP solution, OneTick CEP is the first data management solution that seamlessly integrates historical data with real-time complex event processing.

With OneTick CEP users can:

  • Eliminate duplicate coding for backtesting and trading strategies
  • Lower the total cost of ownership of your data management and CEP solutions
  • Run strategies that leverage real-time and historical market data
  • Slash strategy time to production through an integrated data management system
  • Work with market data experts that understand your business

OneTick CEP eliminates the complications and latency associated with integrating event processing functionality and tick data storage by providing a seamless system where the CEP engine is integrated directly to our enterprise tick data management solution, OneTick

This integration empowers users to leverage one system for both historical and real-time data collection and analysis - eliminating multiple system integrations, duplicate coding and unnecessary queries that can impede strategy testing and development. Thus, OneTick empowers users to streamline their workflow and decrease their strategies' time to market

By implementing one system for all streaming data collection, analysis, archiving, retrieval and streaming processing needs, users can lower the total cost of ownership by drastically reducing extraneous fees associated with installation, IT maintenance and training.

OneTick CEP integrates directly to OneTick so users can import critical real-time data and analyze it using OneTick's comprehensive suite of preprogrammed and extendible functions and analytics.