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Here you'll find the latest information available on OneMarketData and the OneTick product, voted Best Buy-Side CEP product by WatersTechnology. The webinars provide an overview of the OneTick product, how it can be used for your competition advantage for quantitative research across markets – trades, quotes and order book data. And how to trade smarter by leveraging the built-in library of analytical functions for trade decision modeling and TCA across many asset classes. The webinar suite highlights numerous examples detailing solutions across different asset classes; equities, options and foreign exchange. Hear customer testimonials on how OneTick empowered their business for trading and TCA across all their tradable markets. OneTick is the solution to outmaneuver the competition with high-performance complex event processing, tick data management and analytics.

NEW Whitepaper: Meeting the Technology Challenge in the Rise of Transaction Cost Analysis

OneTick, a leading CEP and Tick Database Product


OneMarketData, A Customer Story and Product Demonstrations.

This Webinar provides an opportunity to hear directly from a OneMarketData customer, Shane Conway Research Analyst at Millburn Corp. Learn how OneTick has empowered their business through the use of the OneTick technologies to achieve their research and trading goals across the futures, equities and foreign exchange markets. Also learn how OneTick empowers users to analyze market data – both real-time and historically for quantitative analysis and trading solutions. See numerous first-hand product demonstrations for development and modeling strategies using the OneTick Graphical Modeling tool. From bars to mean reversion, real-time S&P500 calculation to linear regression using R and OneTick together. Lastly, hear about current market trends in the alpha discovery process and the future of market data growth from Adam Honoré of the Aite Group, one of the industry’s leading analyst firms.

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OneMarketData, using the OneTick product in the Equities Market.

This Webinar provides both an introduction and an in-depth review of OneMarketData, the company and OneTick the leading product for quantitative research and trading solutions. Learn about OneTick’s tools for strategy development and modeling, and it’s connectivity and performance capabilities. See live OneTick demonstrations for research and trading in the Equities market, including examples that show the relationship of trades to quotes, trade signal generation and consolidating Order Books across multiple Exchanges both against historical and real-time data.

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OneMarketData, Foreign Exchange Market Trends and the OneTick Product.

This Webinar highlights recent trends in the foreign exchange market, it's explosive worldwide growth and the impact of high frequency trading. Witness first-hand the OneTick technology, the leading product for quantitative research and trading solutions and how its unrivaled to meet the demands of the FX market. Learn through in-depth demonstrations the power, speed and simplicity of OneTick's modeling tool for strategy development and its ability to analyze FX market depth, re-price an order book and build trading solutions.

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FX Liquidity Monitoring & Analysis with OneTick and Panopticon.

This Webinar highlights the analytical and visual capabilities of Panopticon together with OneTick for FX liquidity analysis. The global market for currency is the world’s largest and most liquid, with average daily turnover exceeding 4 trillion dollars a day. The overall growth of the FX market with its vast liquidity has created an attractive investment alternative. Yet the decentralized nature of the FX marketplace means sourcing pools of liquidity from a huge number of providers. This webinar targets a trader’s goal to uncover true price performance across the fragmented FX market, to be able to pinpoint price transparency through statistical measures and visually identify available liquidity exactly when it’s needed.

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Understanding the Value of Deep Market History with OneQuantData.

This webinar provides an introduction to OneQuantData, an add-on data product for the OneTick high performance database that provides historical data across global equities and equity related assets. Leveraging the capabilities of OneTick, OneQuantData allows quantitative researchers, portfolio and risk managers to analyze markets across multiple asset classes including Common and Preferred Stocks, Depository Receipts, ETFs, Market Indices, Mutual Funds, Spot Rates, Rights, Warrants and numerous others. OneQuantData has a very deep market history that goes back as far as 1968 and has over 500,000 securities which are updated daily. Learn how to leverage this history to compute ADVs, calculate earnings growth, historical volatility, custom benchmarks or betas vital for managing the trade life cycle from alpha discovery to portfolio valuation.

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OneMarketData, Coming Trends in the Options Market and the OneTick Product.

This Webinar highlights recent trends in the Options market, its exponential growth and the demands placed on technology for managing the extreme data volumes. Also, learn how you can leverage OneTick for analyzing Option chains, trades and quotes correlated against the underlying markets. See techniques for creating OneTick strategies for Option Spreads using a graphical modeling tool. Through a number of demonstrations learn the power, speed and simplicity of OneTick for Options analysis.

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Effective Transaction Cost Analysis with OneTick and Panopticon Visualization.

This Webinar focuses on the challenges of TCA, the idea of monitoring and reporting on trade performance. It highlights why a more competitive trading environment is demanding that firms are managing big data over longer time periods for cost decision analysis. See why the result of leveraging CEP, tick database and visualization tools are effective weapons for TCA to outpace the market. The desire to compete more effectively and win demands accurate transaction cost analysis and that is reflected in real-time and post-trade analytics for optimum trade performance.

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Find the Hidden Signal in Market Data Noise

OneMarketData and Revolution Analytics team up to showcase the power of in-depth cross-market analysis in achieving true price discovery and recognizing volume and trading patterns, harnessing the power of OneTick and Revolution R. In this webinar we will showcase analytical models ranging from simple moving average to price volatility and options pricing from time series data and the R mathematical language.

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Time Advantage to Analytical Inquiry: Visual Data Discovery

The terabyte volumes of market data and order activity can be easily consumed and processed by high-speed data management and analytics, and the single easiest way to interpret such large amounts of information, communicate trends and identify anomalies is to create visualizations against the distilled, filtered and smoothed content. We will demonstrate both DataWatch Desktop visualization and OneTick by looking at the US Equity Markets across all major venues, calculating metrics based on market behavior, and visually analyzing price and order book detail to spot anomalies.

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Meeting the Technology Challenge in the Rise of Transaction Cost Analysis

While high-speed algorithmic trading has been grabbing the headlines there has been another technology evolution occurring, one that leverages the same state-of-the-art, high-speed computer and software technologies. As a corollary to high frequency trader’s low-latency objectives, asset managers and institutional investors are focused on overall trade performance. This has pushed best execution beyond price to an overall understanding and management of trade performance and opportunity costs. This piece by OneMarketData's Louis Lovas explores the role of data management in transaction cost analysis, the analytical advantage of these technologies, and the value of visualization.

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Financial Industry Survey Reveals TCA, Model Testing and Quant Research are Cloud-Ready

OneMarketData asked financial market participants from the buy side and sell side, as well as financial experts from academia, about their current and planned use of cloud technology and services for trading and investment decisions. Download the report to see what participants are saying.

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Industry Survey on Social Media: Is Social Media a Disruptive Force in Financial Markets?

The Associated Press Twitter hack has caused the financial industry to sit-up and take notice. Do social media information outlets have an impact of market prices? If so, how pervasive is it? OneMarketData has conducted an industry-wide survey to better understand the use and impact of social media information such as Twitter and Facebook. How do market participants see social media content impacting the trading and investment decision process? Are there any trends to indicate this will be a disruptive force in the future of financial markets? Download the survey report, conducted across all global financial centers, to see what participants are saying.

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OneTick Whitepaper, A Technical Product Overview

In this whitepaper discover what makes OneTick tick. Reading this whitepaper you can attain a thorough understanding of time series data, the components of the OneTick product from data modeling to data capture to query building. The paper also includes information on common use cases, deployment scenarios and administration and management of OneTick installations.

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OneTick - Product Technnical Update, November 2013

The OneTick Technical Newsletter is a publication devoted to delivering news and information on the OneTick product. We are devoted to delivering the highest quality, most robust product in the industry for tick data management. The newsletter outlines new product capabilities, new feed handlers, new event processors, and expert tip and techniques for getting the most out of OneTick.

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OneTick Technical Newsletter, April 2012

The OneTick Technical Newsletter is a publication devoted to delivering news and information on the OneTick product. We are devoted to delivering the highest quality, most robust product in the industry for tick data management. The newsletter outlines new product capabilities, new feed handlers, new event processors, and expert tip and techniques for getting the most out of OneTick.

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OneTick introduction Webinar

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Four Things to Consider to Trade Smarter in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region is awash with capital as their economies re-energize. Given their penchant for all things ‘high-tech’, they are becoming leaders in the global economy. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Asian economies are expected to grow well over 6 percent in the coming year. Following the money, we’re seeing a sure and steady migration east across all aspects of the trading landscape from major banks to quant traders. Firms have to be ready for the paradigm shift to faster markets, higher volumes, volatility and increasing regulatory fragmentation. The technology for trade modeling, managing risk and controlling costs to outpacing the competition will define the next-generation of trading smarter in Asia.

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Enabling the Success of Quantitative Research and Trading

The financial industry is a competitive race to success. Firms operate in a fiercely competitive world where success is measured by profit. Their final goal is to win, to be successful in outpacing the market. The thinnest of margins separate success and failure, being smart about technology decisions is a means to be smarter about trading. This is increasing demands for deep data over longer time periods across a multiplicity of markets and fueling sophisticated technology like OneTick for quant's research and strategy modeling. The paper includes information on the OneTick technology, common use cases and customer case stories.

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Algorithmic Trading Special Report – Waters Technology and OneTick

Algo-Trading is taking the trading industry by storm. Reports suggest that 80 percent of hedge funds are looking to join forces with fully automated quant funds and begin trading algorithmically within the next few years. Consequently, as the number of firms deploying algorithms increases, they will be chasing after a diminishing pot. Sophisticated algorithmic strategies have become the hunter and all else the hunted. Diversifying into other asset classes demands fine-tuning algorithms through parameterization and back-testing into deep history.

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